Sani Duo Dry steam SD-1 & SD-2

Saturated Dry Steam

The steam generator produce a dry saturated steam at 7 bar with a temperature over 175°C. Steam is naturally ecological, healthy and clean. The steam can be used with different accessories in order to achieve different results.



to sanitize the steam goes through the Sanix device which can be installed on the steam gun. In this way, due to the Venturi effect, it conveys the liquid onto the surfaces. The result on the is a film that eliminates viruses and bacteria by creating a protective barrier on the surface.


Micro Mop

thanks to a cushion that acts as a booster for heat and the MicroMop it is possible to sanitize the surface by removing the impurity and clean the micro pores of the treated materials.


Direct Action

the jet of saturated dry steam can be ejected directly to places that are difficult to reach and normally overlooked because they are inaccessible.